Interstellar Review

If you’ve been waiting for 2001: A Space Odyssey 2 to come out, keep waiting, although this is the best you can get. Visually, this movie is stunning. It might be a surprise to some, but minimal CGI as possible was used for this one. Christopher Nolan tries to use real effects as much as possible, and so almost everything you see, including the interesting choice of camera angles, it mostly real. Using props and miniatures, it is something amazing to see.

ut_interstellar2_fThe acting is one of the film’s strongest points. The performance given by Matthew Mcconaughey is especially motivating, tearjerking, and exciting. The movie incorporates love, parenthood, scientific explanations, ghosts, and quantum physics to create and epic space adventure.

One of the great things about Interstellar is that it doesn’t fall for the space cliche of the robot being the bad guy. The robot is actually one of the best things about this movie, and turns out to be a great partner to Matthew Mcconaughey’s character.

One of the shortcomings this movie as is the ending. It falls pretty flat. We have an amazing climax, and it was very satisfying, however the ending of the movie was a bit unsatisfactory. There were rumours of writers Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan changing the ending of the film, and we must say, we would’ve preferred the route not taken.

interstellar_holy_shit_shot.0Another problem is the twist at the ending. For those who could guess the ending long before the twist was revealed, the climax is unfortunately, boring.

However, Interstellar also has a fantastic score. A regular composer for Nolan, Hans Zimmer gives one of his best scores. It’s eerie, haunting and terrifying. It captures the loneliness of space and the vast beyond of nothingness.

Nolan has proven that he can give something as grand as Cameron or Spielberg or Kubrick.


  1. Kevin Al

    The ending of This movie reminded me of the ending of CONTACT.And guess who’s stars in that movie?

  2. mr. Kobe

    Great movie indeed. But definitely the definition of “Overhyped”. This is why it’s never good to overhype anything like the games “Destiny” & “Watch Dogs” for example.

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