Inspirational Book Designs With Custom Typography



A lot of book designs are generic and there are too many “out there” designs with book covers. Even with some of the most generic books like Twilight, we’re often disappointed by the book covers available for the average print. It’d be amazing if some of the books were as amazing as the ones by Isabel Urbina Peña.

The book designs are accurate to the book and reflect the book’s subject, while mainting a beautiful identity. You get a good sense of the characters and the story within those pages, but you’re also visually presented with something beautiful that you would want to keep.

Isabel uses gorgeous shapes and designs for her book cover designs. She uses geometric shapes, minimalism and beautiful handwritten typography to visually bring an inpeccable book cover suited for any type of book.

“While each book is different, my process usually starts the same way, by reading the book, taking copious notes of ideas and passages and sketching,” Urbina exaplins. “I love typography and lettering, so I try to do a custom lettered piece for every book I can.”

BookCove4r BookCover2 BookCover3

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