Game of Thrones- Differences in The Books and Show

No spoilers ahead.

You may enjoy reading A Song of Ice and Fire or heard your friends talk about the endless differences between the show and the books. So what are the biggest differences to summarize them all?


The points of view

In A Song Of Ice and Fire, one of the major narrative strategies it uses is jumping from narrative to narrative. Ever chapter is told form a different character’s perspective, and the first book mainly focuses on the Starks perspective, Tyrion, and Daenerys. The show must focus on monologues to convey character’s thoughts a feelings. That, and good acting.


The ages of characters in the book are much younger than they are in the show. It explains why you question some of the actions characters take in the show. Realizing Daenerys starts at 13 in the books, Jon Snow and Robb Stark are 14, and Sansa is 11 certainly changes things. For obvious reasons the actors in the show couldn’t be this age, but they still kept the reasoning and thought processes of their younger counterparts.


Many of the characters in A Song of Ice and Fire have been omitted, or combined into one character in the show. If you have any irritated friends who are looking for a missing character, now you’ll know why.

Sex to Rape

The most controversial issue here, the show has sometimes opted for rape instead of consensual sex. This has now happened a total of three times, and the uproar from fans has continued to increase. They have called it unnecessary, cheap, and downright inappropriate.

Butterfly Effect

With many of the changes happening in the show, there are bound to be further changes as the story progresses. It is true that the show is trying to catch up to the books, but by the time they actually reach there, they might be on completely different pages.

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