Future Library: The Future of Literature

Ever wondered if books will cease to exist? With the changes that technologies been receiving, everyone to their grandma is now reading online. There’s Kobo, there’s Kindle, there’s iPads and then there are audiobooks. Will we ever turn a page ever again? It seems like we might.Future Library: The Future of LiteratureA project in Oslo Norway has created the Future Library. The international project takes unread manuscripts of the some of the world’s leading authors and bundles them all up to be hidden away for the next 100 years. This anthology will then be published as a collection when paper books become a novelty well into the future. Unfortunately for us, we won’t be able to enjoy this fasciniating experience 100 years down the road – unless within that time we also discover the solution to aging. But until then, you can hang out in the room designed to store the manuscripts – sans reading the books. The room is designed to a place for contemplation and will be decorated with wood from a forest.

Future Library: The Future of Literature

Roughly 1,000 trees will also be planted for the project as well and will then be cut down in order to be used for producing the publications. At the moment, one of the first authors to be indicted into this prestigious hall of fame is famed Canadian, Margaret Atwood. Yup you heard us, that’s how notable these authors are! So if you’re interested in seeing the library thus far, drop in for a medidative moment, you just won’t be able to access any books until your grandchildren are around! Or should we just make a conscious effort to make sure that the commodity of printed books still exists come 2114. Gosh, that sounds pretty weird saying that doesn’t it? It’s already difficult enough as it is for us to remember whenever a new year changes over, so to really think about 2114 is hard as well!

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