Dystopian Books That Are Way Too Similar

If you like… You’ll love…!

Keorattana-Luangrathrajasombat-Battle-Royale-PosterWe’ve all heard that before, and there are lists upon lists of books that are exactly like the Hunger Games. A trilogy, a female protagonist, a love triangle, mix it all together and you’ll get an instant young adult hit. What are some of the most similar dystopian books out there? Let’s start with Battle Royale by Koushun Takami.

Battle Royale is set in an alternate Japan, where 42 students are taken to an island to battle it out, royally. It is a military project to keep the country in fear. Sound familiar? Hunger Games should immediately come to mind.

Speaking of Hunger Games, what’s one movie that looks like it’s riding the dystopian train? Divergent by Veronica Roth. Trilogy? Check. Dystopia? Check. Love triangle? Check. Female protagonist? Check. Although it may have different plot points, these elements are completely the same as Hunger Games.

Divergent_hqFollowing closely to Divergent is Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. It is set in present day America in an alternate universe, so it escaped the post apocalyptic setting. Love is treated as a disease in a totalitarian government. The main protagonist is female, and she falls in love with another man named Alex, who refused a cure for this disease and lives in limbo on the outside.

And if that sounds good, you’ll love Matched, by Ally Condie. It’s a young adult trilogy about a dystopian future where people are matched with their partners against their will. The main character, Cassia finds that this society controlled by the government simply is not for her. Seems pretty similar to a couple of other books right?

Finally, we have Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Another dystopian that has a female protagonist in a government controlled world where everyone undergoes plastic surgery at a certain age. Enough said.

Don’t be discouraged by our list, there are a few gems here, we’re just saying that these are very similar. If you enjoy reading it, that’s great! However if you try boasting their originality, there might be a problem.

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