Documentaries That’ll Make you Think About Consumption

There are a number of motivational documentaries out there today, and even more de-motivational documentaries. What are your favourite documentaries to watch? Do they motivate you or do they remind you not to go to McDonalds? Which ones make you think about consumption?

itunes_corporationThe Corporation

Corporate personhood is a very big elephant in the room when it comes to politics. The Corporation was a documentary that took the time to explain this issue and reveal what a problem this can be.

The Century of the Self

It is difficult to imagine a time when the economy wasn’t based on the consumer culture of the masses. Marketing did not exist, our desires weren’t manipulated, and our wants and needs weren’t governed. The documentary charts out the rise of individualism, marketing, capitalism and psychotherapy.

Food Inc.

Have you ever wanted to know where all of our food comes from, who profits the most and who regulates the supply? Food Inc. reveals to us our high demand for food and the future of agricultural development and the environment.

An Inconvenient Truth

Since the industrial revolution humans have advanced tremendously when it comes to controlling the environment. What technologies has helped us shape our natural world? What harms it? What provides for it? With a focus on global warming, it draws attention to our responsibility for taking care of our world.


Oil drives our world forward. There are few things humans can do without the help of oil, transportation, food, electricity are all dependant on the black gold. What happens when we run out and the whole world comes to a screeching halt?

Waste Land

The world’s largest garbage dump is located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Catadores, who are self-appointed garbage pickers, sort out all of the garbage from the recyclable material, and you’d be surprised at what they find. It is a beautiful documentary about people making the best out of their situation.


  1. Ben

    The Century of the self” Mind blowing historic and psychological facts for those who simply just don’t know. Some of these documentaries are being deleted!

  2. Greg

    I can see the future being just like Robocop one and two, corporations replacing government.

  3. Teddy

    i love these documentaries, i watched them a few years ago on Netflix but then they were sadly taken down.

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