Differing McDonald’s Cup Sizes Across The World

By now, everyone knows that America likes everything to be big. And it’s quite evident when it comes to their fast food. The only way that you can have the best of the best in America is by combining fast food and big to get big fast food.

But not just big burgers. Everything in America is bigger – including drinks. McDonald’s drinks are basically larger then anywhere else in the world (except for Singapore and Canada).

Let’s first start off by showing you guys how drink sizes look like in America.

 Differing McDonald's Cup Sizes Across The World

Now let’s stack it up against the sizes in other countries:


Differing McDonald's Cup Sizes Across The World

Right away, you can see that all of the sizes in Japan are already smaller then all of the possible sizes found in America.

Hong Kong & Australia

Differing McDonald's Cup Sizes Across The World

Differing McDonald's Cup Sizes Across The World

When you compare the sizes found in Hong Kong and Australia, both of the countries have similar drink sizes, but they still are smaller then the ones found in the States. When you take a look at these different soda sizes from around the world, it really puts it into perspective just how much sugar Americans are dumping into their diets on a regular basis.

The sugar crisis in America has gotten so bad, that in 2012, the Mayor of New York at the time (Michael Bloomberg), tried to put a ban on the consumption of soda in order to curb the obesity crisis. The ban was to limit the sales of sodas larger than 16 0z (remember that this is the size of a small drink!) but was then eventually overturned by the courts when the public was outraged by the ban.

Now however, since the population has become more in line with creating a healthy diet, the current mayor has also attempted to reinstate the soda ban. Are you in compliance with this soda ban?


  1. Suika Nyagama

    small should have as much soda as a regular sized aluminum can of soda.
    A medium should be a can and a half
    and a large should be two cans of soda.

  2. Heidi Geiss

    i live in Australia and our larges are enough to make a normal person very quenched so I don’t know how Americans wouldn’t throw up after.

  3. Maya Uzumaki

    I honestly find Japan’s cups the best size.

    We shouldn’t have drinks that big, jesus. Japan has a really small cup and food portions in general, this is why they’re not overflowing with obese people.

  4. Amanda

    i think that there should be 4 sizes. XtraSmall 15 oz,Small 20 oz, medium 25 oz, Large 33 oz

  5. April

    I think it should be A mix between Australia and The UK because there in the middle, and i personally live in Australia and there is alot of coke in our large.

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