Cupcakes and Cashmere Publishes Debut Book

Famed blogger Cupcakes and Cashmere has become the gold standard of what a lifestyle blog should look like. With her large readership already in two on her blog, Emily Schuman is releasing a book encompassing her daily lifestyle and how to life artfully.  Her take on food, fashion and decor has captivated all of our hearts for a long time, and many use her blog as a go-to for fun DIY and decor tips. Think of her as your best friend who lives the perfect life and isn’t against the idea of sharing her life’s trips and tricks with you! Her debut book, Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease, really resonates with Emily’s girl-next-door approachability and is a guaranteed best-seller with the way that she’s already marketing herself.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Publishes Debut Book

So you’re probably wondering now what can you expect from her book? You can expect to find tips on how to decorate your place, proper placement of furniture, how to entertain guests, some of her fun recipes as well as sprucing up your home. But besides all of this homemaking business, Emily has also included some of her favorite makeup tips as well as outfits.

If you’re the type of girl that loves trends but don’t always want to have to buy new pieces each season, Emily breaks down each season to its essentials and gives advice on how to buy new pieces in order to make them worth your while. A lot of the tips will be common sense, but we don’t really actively think about putting these thoughts to work until we read it somewhere. And with such perfectly styled photos, we can really get behind reading Emily’s book in order to beautify our lives!

Are you ready to get beautiful with Cupcakes and Cashmere?

Cupcakes and Cashmere Publishes Debut Book


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