Cupcakes and Cashmere Announces Cover of 2nd Book

Emily Schuman has done it again! She’s already got one book under her belt, but now she’s releasing a second one. A couple months back, she shared on her blog that she was already in the works of her second book. Not one to shy way from sharing progress with her readers, Emily has always been upfront about her activities in life behind her blog. Her blog is afterall, a tell-all of her life. Maybe tell all is a little bit stretched, but we definitely know almost all and everything about her because of her blog.

Describing to us how she shot 4 different covers to her book before settling on the final one, she muses on the the fact that all of the photos shot for her book are pieces of original content. You’ll never feel like she repurposed any of her blog content into her book – which makes it all the more appealing.

If you’re not already aware what her second book will entail, it’s all situated around home decor and decorating tips. She goes through a guide as to how she decorated her house and provides useful information for the first time home decorating. Stressing as to whethr or not paint your walls a dark blue to make it fun or to pain them a boring grey? Emily will help you resolve the issue.

Her natural flow of writing always makes her content an easy read, but still valuable. But besides just sharing with us her knowledge of home decor, Emily also shares some entertaining tips that are crucial for a host as well. We’re expecting some delicious recipes to go along with it (not that Emily never shares them anyways!).

With that being said, the book will be released in May of 2015 some time. That’s actuall within a couple of months from now so we can’t wait!

Cupcakes and Cashmere Announces Cover of 2nd Book


  1. Jill S

    Impressive. I’ve read her blog off and on for a few years. And I respect her more now for sharing the hard work behind the success.

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