Classic Games Reimagined As Romance Novels

Have you ever imagined what classic 8-bit game characters would look like if they were on the cover of a romance novel? Well, Shutter stock has made that possible for us. With these variations from Zelda & Link to Peach & Mario… They’ve got it all. These works are really amazing.

For a special Valentine’s day feature, you can see your favorite couples all lovey-dovey. This isn’t to say that you don’t normally wanna see them like this — no we want more of these works the rest of the year too! Seriously, our favorite’s gotta be the Fierces movies starring Ryu and Ken. We’re glad that they’re not being exclusive to heterosexual couples!

Even the typography and the colors match amazingly well with the whole “romance novel” genre. Echo Chernik is the name of the illustrator that did this series of illustrations. Her imagination really isn’t far off from the actual truth.

Which one of these romance novels would you read?

LinkZelda_2-2A MarioA pacman StreetFighter_02A

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