Chris Labrooy’s Auto Aerobics



You won’t believe what UK Illustrator Chris Labrooy has brought to a 3D realm. Using purely 3D tools, he has manipulated these cars to look as if they are on the court of a basketball game. Chris has been studying typography, architecture, product design, and visual art from the RCA. His work is amazing and surreal and pushes the boundaries of reality with his 3D art. We’re not going to decipher his art for you, but just by looking at these pieces, you’ll agree that CGI has come to great heights.

These pieces were supposedly “inspired by a winter’s evening walk through Brooklyn”. He built a digital model of the neighbourhood he walks through regularly. The Pontiac in the photos were a “prop” on the set. He hollows out the car’s center and began to double the images over and over again.

This burst of unique creativity makes this one a favorite piece of artwork in our book!

auto2 auto3 auto4

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