Chinese Food That Chinese People Don’t Eat

Everyone loves the guilty indulgence of Chinese takeout and food court quality Chinese food. But when it really comes down to it, we bet you didn’t know that a lot of the “common” Chinese food that you eat isn’t actually eaten by Chinese people. Here’s a quick list of Chinese foods you’d never find in China:

General Tsao’s Chicken

Battered and deep-friend chicken? We don’t think that this process even existed back in this guy’s time. Plus, he was probably too busy killing villains to bother becoming the Jamie Oliver of ancient China.

Chinese Food That Chinese People Don't Eat

Sweet n’ Sour Pork

Another American concoction. This crazily battered and fried recipe is definitely influenced by the West as “ain’t nobody got time for dat” back in those days.

Egg Rolls

Spring rolls yes, they do exist, but egg rolls? Just plain up no. These overly fried and blistered little sticks of food are not and never were a staple of Chinese cuisine.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies basically don’t exist in China. They’re supposed to give you good fortunes, but more often then not, you’re getting some suggestion for lottery numbers which you probably won’t even use. Also, the Chinese people prefer to eat something else for dessert that’s even healthier – oranges.

Beef and Broccoli

Western broccoli just doesn’t exist in China. Which proves that this dish was a straight up American concoction as well.

Chinese Food That Chinese People Don't Eat


Okay, when was the last time you ever saw a salad on the menu at a Chinese restaurant. Back in the olden times when cleanliness was an issue, eating anything raw was a huge no-no – especially if you didn’t have fresh water to get your food cleaned.

Chop Suey

Think of this as the garbage of the kitchen. Any leftover scraps that you can scrounge up and not waste throwing out will wind up in this omelette. And any self deserving Chinese will not eat or serve this. You’ll only find this happening in restaurants that are super cheap and trying to conserve everything.

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