Children’s Books That Everyone Would Enjoy

Who said that children’s books are only for children? Besides not having as much imaginative detail as an adult novel, many children’s novels have significant amount of value to them that are just as important for all of us to indulge in every once in awhile. And plus, it’s healthy to indulge in a little bit of juvenile literacy every once in awhile, it’s healthy for you and your mind!

Children's Books That Everyone Would Enjoy

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

This cult favorite that everyone has read (or should have read at once in their life) is a must have. You get to go through a world of candy without every actually having to eat it, and this is as futuristic as fiction stories can go without becoming Tron like. Skip the movies, they weren’t that good. Always go for the book first.

Charlotte’s Web

This is an immediate children’s classic about a pig and a spider and if you’ve never read this, then you’ll never know how much a child’s novel can give you tears. This tear jerking novel is simplistic but full of emotion that brings us all back to our basic necessities in life – and love of course.

The Jungle Book

No, we don’t mean the whole Tarzan like experience, but the original Jungle Book. Everyone has once dreamed of swinging through trees and engaging in conversation with animals. Well, this can all be possible – in a book. Relive your childhood dreams and abandon reality for a couple of hours by sinking into this novel everyday.

Lord of the Flies

Want to see how children react at their most primal state? Then this novel is a must. Set in a shipwrecked island, a band of boys must determine how to cooperate in order to survive. But do they? Guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out for yourself!

Children's Books That Everyone Would Enjoy

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