Cheese Doesn’t Exist In China

This may come as a surprise to you, but cheese doesn’t exist in China. Which probably means that if you’re looking for pizza – it won’t have cheese. Better yet, why are you looking for pizza in a country like china anyways? You should be scuffing down the dumplings, congee and chicken feet! Forget cheese.

Cheese Doesn't Exist In China

Besides the largely known fact that many Asians are lactose intolerant to begin with (so why even bother producing cheese right?), the climate in China isn’t exactly suitable for both the production and storage of cheese. Many of the farm lands in China are up high in remote mountains that aren’t the best locations to be breeding dairy cows. The animals that are farmed and live up there are more often oxen, goat and other hardy animals. Since there isn’t an abundance of grass or wheat for the cows to eat, they don’t do well in these climates.

But beyond that, the climate in China overall is so hot to begin with, and the storage methods of keeping dairy and cheeses chilled require a lot of electricity, so looking into dairy production also isn’t the best option. So don’t get into the idea of going to China and being able to order cheese whenever you want.

Another factor of why cheese isn’t prominent in China is because of its past association of nomads who lived in the outskirts, which were feared at the time. So as social norms go, if you fear something, you avoid the typical behaviors that’re associated with what you fear. Which meant that cheese never truly infiltrated its way into China and into the food lifestyle and culture.

You’re going to have to load up on your dairy before your next visit to China – or just tough it out for a couple of weeks until you’re back home.

Cheese Doesn't Exist In China

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