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Books That Defined a Generation

Loading the player … The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Susie made us cry and trust, in a ghost. In the beginning of the novel we already know that 14-year-old Susie Salmon is dead. She was brutally murdered on her…


4 Must-Read Graphic Novels

There are some people who don’t take graphic novels seriously. There are some people who are wrong. Graphic novels are their own artistic expression, not quite novels, and above your average comic book. Here are some that you must read…


Van Gogh’s Decision to Change

In 1878, Van Gogh was a struggling preacher, but he made one decision that would change art history forever. Loading the player …   In the Spring of 1878, Van Gogh turned 25. Like many who turn 25, he took a look…


Haunted House Novels That Are Sure To Scare You

You have been warned: These novels are bound to make you check over your shoulder in the middle of the day. Loading the player …   “The Haunting Hill House” by Shirley Jackson Hailed as the greatest haunted house story…


Pulp Fiction Guess Who? Board Game

Relive your childhood dreams with this amazingly designed Pulp Fiction version of the ever-so-popular board game “Guess Who?” The original game is a game where two people face off. Each get their own character piece board — you have the…


Best Horror Animes

Anime is a very unique medium. It can be very serious, animes like Deathnote, or Steins Gate, or Paranoia Agent deal with mature issues and make us question our morality and thoughts on life. Animes can also be very silly,…

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Greatest Buddy Cop Movies Ever

It’s always a good time when you sit back and watch a great buddy cop movie. There are funny ones, silly ones, serious ones, and ones that are all three. The best? We have a list right here. Loading the…


Most Powerful Live Singing Performances Ever

Loading the player... Man in the Mirror Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror," performance was sung at the 1988's Grammy awards. Although there have been hundreds of incredible Michael Jackson performances, this one was quintessential Michael Jackson. Pride (In the...

Videogames That Would Be Perfect Movies

Have you ever been playing a game and thought to yourself, “this would be perfect as a movie.” We’ve made a list of the best games that should be movies, and the reason why. Loading the player …   1….


Pieces of Music That Changed the World

Pieces of music that changed the minds and hearts of everyone who listened to it are on this list. They have entered our cultures and stayed with us for decades, and sometimes, through the centuries. Loading the player …  …