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Most Anticipated Shows This Summer 2015

This Summer is looking really good for TV shows. There have been many rumours in the past, and it looks like we’re finally going to see some of those rumours, that turned into facts, that turned into hype, become revealed….


What’s Real & What’s Not In Wolf Of Wallstreet

After seeing one of the most controversial and arguably one of the best acted films of the year, we’re left wondering… how much of Wolf of Wall Street was actually real? Between the debauchery, sex, drugs, and almost absurd happenings…


Our Final Thoughts On Breaking Bad (Finale)

Breaking bad just has its season finale and we were just wow-d. The academy-award winning television show has broken so many rules, it has caught us surprised, and it has exceeded all our expectations. The show started off with a…


Animes That Have Stood The Test of Time

Cowboy Bebop Appearing in 1998, this anime is hailed as one of the greatest of all time, and deserves to be at the top of our list. It had a lot of developers, led by the director Shinichiro Watanabe, screenwriter…


5 Shows We’re Looking Forward To Next Year

2013 was a great year for tv shows and movies — well, maybe not the best year, but there were some amazing finales like Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother. The whole finess about the thing is that…


Best Korean TV Dramas To Watch

The Korean drama phase was years ago but the whole Korean Drama thing has taken over the internet. You can watch a bunch of these shows on Crunchyroll or on Soompi. You can get the links from them by simply…


Star Wars Universe Lightsabers

Star Wars is a massive universe compiled of a great trilogy, many different books, a tv series, and a not-so-great-trilogy that people would rather forget. With the new trailer for Star Wars Episode 7, we are introduced with a new…

3 Books That Should Have Stayed As Books

3 Books That Should Have Stayed As Books

Book-to-movie has been a really popular phenomenon within the past couple of years, but sometimes, not all of them translate well over into the film industry. Curious as to which books should have just stayed as books? These are our…


Top 10 Movie Music Composers

10. Elmer Bernstein Making this list at number 10 is Elmer Bernstein for his magnificent work on “The Magnificent Seven” western. He has great range, working from To Kill a Mockingbird, to The Blues Brothers, to Ghostbusters. 9. Michael Giacchino He…


Top 10 Action Movie Cliches

Don’t you get sick of all these cliches? We sure do, we made a grand list of everything actions movies have done over and over again to death. They are just… so cliche. Cool guys don’t look at explosions. They…