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The Most Impressive Restaurant Designs

Astor Grill in Doha, Qatar Hungry customers that come to the Astor grill at the St. Regis Doha are bound to be impressed. Although the restaurant’s name is a tribute to the chain’s founder (John Jacob Astor IV), the interior…


10 Things Every Designer Needs

Being a graphic designer means that you should  get all your equipment ready! No, just kidding — you can do perfectly fine as a graphic designer without a lot of commodities. But a few of these essentials are a given….


Inspirational Book Designs With Custom Typography

  A lot of book designs are generic and there are too many “out there” designs with book covers. Even with some of the most generic books like Twilight, we’re often disappointed by the book covers available for the average…


James White & His Tribute To The 80′s

James White, aka Signal Noise, has been an amazing artist that has been around for the past decade — one of the great fathers of Photoshop (though we don’t think he would like being called that). James started off as…


Beautiful Interactive Map For Sochi Olympics

The Sochi Winter olympics are here, and Fiasco Design has come up with a beautiful, detailed map of the Sochi region.   This fully interative map shows everything about the Sochi Winter Olympics. The illustrations are amazingly cute and we…


A Pen That Will Pick Any Color IRL

What if you could use a color dropper in real life? That’s precisely what this pen does. You can pick up this pen and sample any color you want — scan an apple for example, and this color sensing pen…