Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-6-minute-featurette I think we could all agree that the first Captain America was alright. It was just okay, that was it. Nothing was incredibly special about it, in fact, it was quite cliche as a superhero origin story. The hero was nothing we haven’t seen before, the villain was a super nazi, and pretty much everything you’d expect a super nazi to be. Captain America didn’t really make an appearance until halfway through the movie, and even then he just hung around doing campaigns until doing some short montages of action.

However, everything changed with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel had changed, The Avengers had come and gone, and it was time for the darker, grittier sequels to come. Of all the Marvel sequels, this one was the best. It was a political thriller that had intense action scenes, a great story, and a couple of twists. This movie will change Marvel forever.

When we say intense action scenes, we really mean it. It has the best action scenes to come out of a Marvel movie to date. Even George St. Pierre makes a cameo in the movie! From the hand to hand combat to the sweeping action shots, this was a very fun movie to watch.

captain-america-the-winter-soldier.22990Captain America faces his biggest challenge yet, and makes a decision that’ll reshape everything in this movie, while battling internally with issues of identity and choice. The story is straightforward and simple to understand, like most Marvel movies, but we don’t mind.

The movie takes a grittier tone, almost reminding us of a more patriotic dark knight, and it works. However, certain issues come up, and this is not due to to the movie itself, but because of the bigger picture. Because the movie is part of the Marvel franchise, you’re not afraid of anyone dying. It makes the action less important, but still enjoyable to watch. If we had one problem, that’ll be it.

We’ll give it a very positive review.


  1. Leslie

    This movie really improved upon it’s predecessor, it’s darker and it’s more interesting, also the scenes where Steve and Bucky are fighting are just fucking sweet

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