Books Every Zombie Fan Should Read

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Patient Zero by Johnathan Maberry

It is the zombie novel for people who don’t like zombie novels. It is a fast paced book with plenty of explosions, bravado, action, and over the top weaponry.

The-Reapers-are-the-AngelsThe Reapers Are the Angels by Alden Bell

It is a zombie book like no other. Focusing on a main protagonist who lives with the nuisance that is “slugs” (the zombies of this world) disposing them couldn’t be easier. However, the main character’s challenge is living with the guilt of killing the zombies over and over again. Zombie novels can be serious, they can even make you cry.

World War Z by Max Brooks

It is presented as a list of interviews by survivors of this tragic event. It is terrifying because it feels as though it could actually happen. Max Brooks himself said that “except the zombies … everything else in the book is either taken from reality or 100% real. The technology, politics, economics, culture, military tactics… it was a LOT of homework.” 

Raising Stony Mayhall by Daryl Gregory

This one is an interesting one. It actually focuses on the perspective of a zombie and his backstory. In 1968, Wanda Mayhall discovers a frozen baby out in the cold. It isn’t breathing and has no heartbeat, but still moves. Wanda and her daughters decide to raise it, knowing that the government could take him away. It is an interesting story that focuses on what it means to be human.

71XkGTHZh9LFeed by Mira Grant

What if we told you the common cold and cancer could be cured? The only downside is that the cure comes with a catch. It reanimates the dead. This novel is a cautionary tale, with an interesting message.

Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne

Describing the downfall of humanity by a naval officer couldn’t be more entertaining. It was originally written on paper with scratch outs and all, until published into a book.


  1. Charles

    I think the best zombie apocalypse is Max Brooks’ novel World War Z, because it’s not actually the zombies that are scary. They get a lot of good time, and there are some pretty awesome kills, but most of the horror is more about the human characters. Who needs shooting zombies in the brain when there’s a chapter where the main set piece is parents murdering their children so that they won’t be turned into zombies?

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