Books – Effective Home Decor

For all of those bookworms in us, storing them effectively is one thing. Keeping your shelf looking nice is a completely different thing altogether. Here are some tips and tricks for displaying your books at their optimal while maintaining their integrity.

Books - Effective Home Decor

Store them by color.

You could choose to align your books by the color of their spine and create a rainbow going across your bookshelf. Or you could segment them into various color tones and do color blocking on your shelf. We love doing a shelf full of primary colored books scattered throughout. It brings out a lot of emotion to the space and makes it appear more welcoming.

Store them by size.

You could arrange your novels to go from largest to smallest from one side to another. This can create a gradient effect of books going across your shelf so that you have a slanting effect. Or you could also meticously stack them up side by side in varying heights so that it varies as it goes around.

Store them standing up and standing down.

Your books don’t always have to face the exact same way. We’re not trying to live in a library here. You could a variety them lying down and facing upwards, while the rest of them are standing. Have some of them lean against objects or shelves and even explore the option of using the lying down books as bookends.

Get a curving shelf.

There are tons of places where you can buy these fun little shelves that make waves as they flow across a wall. Although the books may not necessarily stand up if kept separately, stack them close enough together and you’ll have a cute book wave across your wall!

Dewie Decimal System.

For all you book nerds, this one’s for you. Categorize your novels according to the Dewie Decimal System for the most efficient organization.

Books - Effective Home Decor

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