Best Korean TV Dramas To Watch

The Korean drama phase was years ago but the whole Korean Drama thing has taken over the internet. You can watch a bunch of these shows on Crunchyroll or on Soompi. You can get the links from them by simply googling them. The best thing about Korean dramas is that they’re always the feels. You’re bound to be connected the characters. And it’s funny. Or maybe that was just a post-teenage thing.

The downside of these Korean dramas is that they end up all being very similar to each other in a sense… A girl gets cancer, and she falls in love with a husky but quiet guy with a dark past. They start falling for each other but then the guy finds out she has cancer and in the end she passes away and he goes on to make a very good life for himself without her. It’s very similar. But of course there’s also a bunch of comedies that can be put in there as well, which we have failed to neglect. The comedies are great, they offer a lot bigger variance, but at the same time they’re very “lifestyle-y” — if you like that, then it’s great for you. But don’t expect any good actions or sci fis.

With what we have seen so far, here’s our list for the best Korean Dramas to watch.

1. My Sassy Girl

2. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

3. Coffee Prince

4. School 2013

5. I hear your voice

6. Bridal Mask

7. Good Doctor

8. White Christmas

9. Secret Garden

10. Cruel City


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