Best Horror Animes

Anime is a very unique medium. It can be very serious, animes like Deathnote, or Steins Gate, or Paranoia Agent deal with mature issues and make us question our morality and thoughts on life. Animes can also be very silly, geared towards kids or younger adults. Some people are turned off by the medium, brushing it off as a cartoon from Japan. You may not expect horror from animes, and they are far and in between, but they do come ever so often, and when they do, they can be quite terrifying, animated or not.

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A Japanese mystery horror, Another is about a cursed school. One year, a student named Misaki abruptly died in the middle of the school year. The class that she was in decided to keep her spirit alive by pretending that she was still with them. This leads to a strange appearance of her image on their graduation photo. The year where our protagonist, Koichi Sakakibara joins the class, senseless deaths start occurring. It is up to him and his fellow students to solve this gruesome mystery.

When They Cry

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This is a Japanese murder mystery that covers four question arcs and two answer arcs. The arcs utilize the same characters even if they die, but end in a perplexing way. The answer arcs tend to solve the mystery of why the question arcs ended in such a perplexing way. It is a very interesting way to tell as story, and at some parts will have you at the edge of your seat in anticipation.



Shiki is an anime about a small town plagued by vampires. They are not the Twilight kind, but old school vampires, the ones that can’t go in the sun, die by the stake, and can’t come into your house unless invited. The story follows a villager who begins to catch on to whats happening, and a doctor who tries to battle them. The climax is jaw dropping.

Hell Girl


Is an amine focusing on a supernatural system that allows people to take revenge on others. Revenge, hatred, injustice, and the nature of human emotions are all covered throughout the series. Each story in the anime covers a person who is victim of an injustice and calls for revenge. But at what price?

We hope you check out these animes and give yourself a good scare!


  1. Veronica

    I’m going to assume you haven’t seen Ghost Hunt, because if you have, it would be on this list. In my opinion, gory does not equal horror. Ghost Hunt is a very good supernatural thriller. It’s broken up into different arcs, each arc dealing with a specific ghost, but one of the arcs in particular is one of the most terrifying stories I’ve ever seen.
    Thanks for the list :)

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