Best Britain’s Got Talent Moments

Britain’s Got Talent is one of the many singing shows that continues to surprise it’s viewers in many different ways. It is not like American Idol, where the first season is great because you get to enjoy all the silly auditions (we’re terrible people) and then becomes uninteresting until the final two contestants. No, Britain’s Got Talent is more than just music, but a talent show that has the best performances of a music show ever. There were many shocking, tearjerking moments on the show, and seeing Simon’s dumbstruck face is priceless. What were some of the best moments?

Britain's Got Talent  2013 Judges

Paul Potts

Probably one of the first times where the audience was astounded by the voice talent of someone who didn’t look like they could reach it. Paul Potts was a mobile phone salesman from Wales. His moment on Britain’s Got Talent brought tears to everyone’s eyes. He later went on to do more opera and pursue his dream.

Shaheen Jafargholi

Simon almost got him. Almost. After his first performance on Britain’s Got Talent, Simon said that he “had it all wrong,” and asked him to sing something else. Jafargholi, a young man at the time, began to sing Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” and blew the audience, and Simon away.

How_well_do_you_know_Britain_s_Got_Talent_Susan Boyle

The quirky 47-year-old didn’t look like she would impress anyone, but that was just one side of her. Her other side had a majestic voice. When she first said she wanted to sing “I Dream A Dream” from the play, Les Miserables, no one believed she could do it. But she could, and she did.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

A young man who wrote his own songs, when he performed in Britain’s Got Talent, he played a song he called “No Name.” It was for a friend that he really liked, but he refused to reveal the name of that friend. The 19-year-old played the guitar and sang his heart out.


  1. Paul

    I hate how the judges judge a person’s looks, the did it to Jonathan from Charlotte and Jonathan. I mean you’re meant to be judging their talent, not them.

    When he said to sing opera, you see Piers turn his face away like he’s about to laugh, Amanda slightly raises her eyebrows….etc

  2. Peter

    Paul Potts and Susan Boyle, 2 of the biggest surprises I’ve ever seen. A couple others that were very surprising, are Carly Rose Sonenclair and Josh Krajck.

  3. Jack

    Never judge a book by its cover, people! Remember that sometimes when you want to judge others!

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