Beautiful Interactive Map For Sochi Olympics

The Sochi Winter olympics are here, and Fiasco Design has come up with a beautiful, detailed map of the Sochi region.



This fully interative map shows everything about the Sochi Winter Olympics. The illustrations are amazingly cute and we are in awe!

The map is based on Google Maps and the user can zoom in and out of the design to get an idea of the scale of the Olympic park. There’s also a lot of useful information about the Games — like where the stadiums are and fun facts about the area.

The co-founder and creative director of Fiasco Design, Ben Steers, says “We wanted to create an fun and informative digital product that highlighted both the positive and negative facts surrounding the most controversial winter games to date.”

We’re so glad when the Olympics is taking a modern approach to online advertising and branding this time around. We are hopeful for more goodness in the future!

You can navigate your way to the website here.

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