Artists That Actually Sound Good Live

Technology has always been a supporting role in the music industry, but it’s use has seriously blurred the lines between talent and money. It seems as if almost anyone can become a singer if they have the right connections and the right amount of money to pay for somebody to produce for them. But oddly enough, even if they blow up big, when you hear them live, that’s when the truth comes out. Most of today’s musicians (regardless if they’re constant billboard toppers) don’t have the talent that the yesteryears did – solely because of the influx of technological use.

Look back on all of the talent that have been found through Youtube. When you strip down the instrumentals and just keep it at the bare basics (acoustics), you can hear the true talent in their voice. Here are some of our favorite artists that actually sound good when heard live:

Artists That Actually Sound Good Live

Tori Kelly

This little singer started off by posting videos of herself on Youtube at the young age of 14. Now at the age of 22, she has a bilboard top 100 hit and hasn’t done it without hard work. When she was 16, she auditioned for American Idol, but was eliminated. Not allowing that to stop her, Tori continuously pursued music at her own pace and is now a nationally known artist.

Justin Bieber

Of course we can’t forget the biebs. This guy single handedly soared to a quick uprising in popularity when he was discovered by Usher on Youtube. As much as we may hate him, we have to admit that he does have the vocal talent needed of a true singer.

Cody Simpson

Although he may be known for his swimming, this little one definitely has talent when it comes to singing. He posted himself doing covers of popular bands and was discovered by record producers. This then landed him on a series of TV shows as well as producing 2 studio albums.

Artists That Actually Sound Good Live

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