Artist Re-imagined Disney Princesses As Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most celebrated people today. She has undoubtedly become a pop idea for a lot of young kids and teens. Known for her stunning looks, and her thick lips, she’s admired by young kids all over the world. Oh yeah, she’s also known for her 10 million follower instagram with her amazing sexy selfies.

Known as the “queen” of selfies for quite a while now, people are starting to take on this fact and reimagine it into… art?

What would Disney princesses look like if they were Kim Kardashian?

Illustrator Isaiah Stephens does just that by having popular Disney princesses mimic the looks of Kim through a whole lot of different poses and aspects. From Jasmine and Aladin to Cinderella, he’s done it all. And the results are.. interesting to say the least. We wouldn’t call this a grand masterpiece, but maybe some of the kids will.

You can see them for yourself here:

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