Artist Creates “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers” Inspired By Exes



Normally when we breakup, we tend to throw out all the things that remind you of your ex. This isn’t so much the case for Sebastian Errazuriz, who was born in Chile and now lives in New York. He’s a designer that has vowed to remember his relationships with his exes — both personal and sexual. He has used them as a figure of influence for these sculptures.

It’s really one thing when you think about someone that has impacted your life so much, and another thing to go about creating art about them. This is what he’s done everyday for 12 days, and it’s rather amazing.

The whole exhibit will be shown at Miami Beach Art Basel 2013, from December 6 to January 6th for a 10 day art show.

The coolest thing about these shoes is that there’s always a story attached to them. For example, the red “Jetsetter” shoes he made of his ex Jessica who kept talking about the planes her dad owned. The hot red stilettos with the airplane as a heel really shows her sharp, gradeur nature. You can definitely see her as the type that would wear 10 inch heels and has a rather uptight attitude.

It’s amazing how much you can convey into a pair of shoes. And how you can personalize, detail and combine their narratives into this.

Isn’t that what art really is about?

Our favorite is definitely the Studio. We just can’t imagine walking out in those in public.

On second though… doesn’t Lady Gaga have a pair or two of these?

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