Are There Disadvantages of Audiobooks?

Audiobooks have become increasingly popular with the invention of iPods, iPads and every other myriad of electronic device available on the market. Some would argue that listening to a book is rather disadvantageous to the reader as opposed to physically holding something and reading it with your eyes. But there is a counter argument to that. Those that often have difficulty focusing on audio books and argue that you don’t retain as much information are most likely individuals that are attempting to multi-task while listening. Obviously when you’re multi-tasking, your attention is divided amongst two different concerns, therefore sometimes you lack the necessary attention on one particular task.

Are There Disadvantages of Audiobooks?

Studies have shown that comprehension of the same passage is equally identical when being read as opposed to being listened to. And although difficult passages prove to be easier comprehended when being read (only because the reader can read around the sentence looking for clues within the paragraph to decipher the message), our listening memory has a longer half-life then that of our reading memory. And to refute the argument of comprehending, you could always just continuously rewind until you completely understand what you’re listening to.

But there are other advantages of audiobooks as well. Say perhaps you’re hands are busy (such as when you’re driving or cooking) and you’d like to read your book but you can’t. These tasks require less work then others would (such as cleaning a house or putting together a puzzle). So the repetitive motions can be clocked away as less priority while your mind focuses on the listening aspect instead.

So go ahead, listen to that audiobook of yours. Just make sure that if you really want to absorb what you’re listening to that you’re not doing anything else at the time or else you may just miss that little passage.

Are There Disadvantages of Audiobooks?

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