Are book clubs used for reading or dating?

ws-book-club-4Book clubs are only for reading, says who? A recent study has claimed that American women tend to use a book club membership in dating field.

Christy Craig of the University of Kansas said that American women used their status as readers and book club members to enhance their popularity in the dating field and went on to say that they would never date or marry a non-reader.

Craig also stated that Irish women informed her they joined book clubs because their partners did not invest much time in reading.

In the study, Craig went to 36 book club meetings and talked with 53 women from ages 19 to 80 as a component of the project.

Both American and Irish women used reading to develop a sense of self, to grow social and social capital and to build their own sexual identities.

Craig pointed out that none of the ladies read `Fifty Shades’ in their book clubs, yet it was routinely discussed in that context.

She said that the ladies felt the opportunity for them to get to literature about sex in a more open manner was an example of great forward progress for women, adding that women saw possibility for empowerment as they felt more at ease openly reading about sex and sexuality.

Craig also went on to say that many felt it was not truly as empowering as they wanted it to be, or as they hoped women’s erotic fiction would be.

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