Amazing Youtube Cover Artists

So many talented singers on YouTube break into the music industry and are picked up and signed with fantastic record companies, but for the other ones that have yet to be seen, we need for them to be heard. Literally. Here’s a quick list of our top 10 favorite cover artists on YouTube.

Amazing Youtube Cover Artists

Megan Nicole

You’ll not only fall in love with her voice buy her beautiful eyes as well. This young girl is bursting with creativity and has produced beautifully scripted music videos to all of her originally written songs.

Ella Marie

She may not have many videos on her page, but what she lacks for in numbers, she makes up for with her voice. We guarantee that you’ll be instantly wowed by her talent after only just watching 1 video from her channel.

Niykee Heaton

The girl is not only gorgeous but ridiculously talented as well. She’s known for stripping down the crazy acoustics added onto songs and turning them into casual songs that you can sing along with your friends by a camp fire. Be it pop, hip hop or rnb, this girl has got it on lock down.

Boyce Avenue

If you’ve never heard of Boyce Avenue, then you must be hiding under a rock. You need to go listen to them right now.


Accapela is amazing and if you’re a fan of Pitch Perfect, then you need to get your hands on some Pentatonics. Not only do they do covers, but they also have originally sung content as well!

Christina Grimmie

This girl is definitely a naturally born singer. With vocals like that, she’s bound to make a splash into the industry eventually one day!

Against the Current

With a unique voice voice, this brunette beauty not only wows her viewers with her voice but with an amazing personality as well.

Amazing Youtube Cover Artists

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