About Type Detail: A Useful Guide To Fonts


Have you ever wondered what the fonts on your computer consist of?

A really great site by Wenting Zhang has brought to life the details of all the common forms of type: From Georgia to Merriweather. The project author goes into detail about the specifics of the fonts and when to use them. There’s just so much you didn’t know about fonts before!

The really cool thing about this is that it’s a resource we can usually find in print — but now it’s readily available on the web, where it should be. The web makes this so much better because you can actually see the font on the screen and compare it to what it would look like if you were doing your own projects.



It has all the font weights and styles for a font, as well as the legibility over different font sizes. By examining these fonts, you can really get an idea of what makes fonts so different.

You’re usually just looking at a font, and maybe you get a sense of idea of what it represents, but why  does it represent the way it does? By looking at all the tiny details, it’ll be easy for you to make your own font. Oh, and it’s also super interesting to look at, for us anyway.

The detail and the attention to the design is spectacular. It’s hard to believe that it’s all coded in HTML, when it looks like something that could be straight out of photoshop.

We really praise the designer for their dedication to this project and we can’t wait to see all of the pieces up when it’s done (hopefully around 50 days from now!)


  1. Ariel

    Helvetica is waaaaay better than Arial. Not because of its story but it looks mo’ hipsta’

  2. Brad

    Recently I’ve used Lucida Sans Unicode and quite like it. It looks good in print too.

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