A Pen That Will Pick Any Color IRL


What if you could use a color dropper in real life? That’s precisely what this pen does. You can pick up this pen and sample any color you want — scan an apple for example, and this color sensing pen will be able to reproduce the color that it detects.

The designer is Jinsun Park, and he has developed the ultimate concept pen that can scan and reproduce any color that it detects.

It’s called the Color Picker, and it has a built-in color sensor and RGB ink cartriges. It can have as many colors possible as you can with a normal RGB color pattern. It scans the color sample with a sensor and it’s able to detect the color and uses some inks to reproduce the color. It’s simply magic!

The color pick will let artists and designers to experience and experiment with a whole range of color outside of their range. Imagine if you wanted to draw a tree and you want the exact color… you would no longer have to look through 100 different pens to get that exact color for the lightened parts as well as the shadows. You also don’t have to buy a lot of different pens or pencils anymore! It all fits in one!

The problem with this technology is that we don’t know how efficient or precise it is. How can a pen be able to tell the exact shade of an orange? Doesn’t it depend on the lighting and all that?

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  1. Edward Rodriguez

    Where can I purchase this Pen That Will Pick Any Color In Real Life?

    Thank you for your time.

    Chief ChoiceWalker Rodriguez

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