A Beautiful Ad On How To Pour Baileys

Design and advertising go hand-in-hand with each other. One is not without the other.

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In this case, we see this example perfectly. How could pouring a cup of bailey’s be art? Well, they’ve managed to convince us.

Bailey’s is releasing a new drink called Chocolat Luxe, which is a mixture of Irish whiskey, cream and Belgian chocolate. Even the sound of it makes us drool! To be fair, it sounds simply delicious.

In the ad, created by R/GA London, they make the perfect blend of Baileys, chocolate and ice using a system of pulleys and chains. It’s an all-around magical performance that will leave you astounded.

A goblet of chocolate is initially melted over a fir and there’s a steam of delicious chocolate flowing down the glassware and ice cubes glide smoothly and some cream is measured out,. The drink comes in a tall glass with a raspberry and a gold toothpick.

It’s the perfect version of what millionaires do for fun. It’s so fancy and yet so tempting that it makes us wonder — who is this target towards? The rich, or the wannabe rich?

With an ad, there should always be a target audience, and we’re not quite sure what it is. Perhaps it makes people who want to enjoy the elegance of life crave it — but that’s all it really is, because we doubt that people with any more money than that would do Baileys. Or perhaps Baileys is trying to remarket itself as a high end brand of alcohol. Either way, we love the ad and we hope that you enjoy it as well. It’s made 100% pure, and it’s not even created with CGI, which we’re pretty proud of.

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