4 Big Logo Redesigns In 2013

2013 was a big year full of logo redesigns. A lot of companies are coming onto the modern movement, and they are going with a smoother, cleaner logo. When new logos come out, they usually have pretty bad press — people thinking the old logo is better. But after time passes, and things settle down a bit, it’s easier to appreciate the logo for what it is.

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When a logo is actually in use, it’s actually a lot better than you’d expect. Here are some of the biggest brand logo redesigns in 2013.

1. American Airlines


Futurebrand created the new American Airlines logo to look more streamline. The old logo has been around since 1967. We really miss the old one.

2. Spotify

SpotifySpotify’s new logo is much cleaner and a lot more modern than the old one. It’s rather impressive now that it’s gotten rid of the early 2000′s look!

3. Facebook

FacebookLogoFacebook has made some small changes to its logo, which now looks a lot cleaner and less messy. The small changes are the ones that really speak out. It looks like they’re going down Apple’s path and doing flat design.

4. Github


Github, a very popular platform for developers updated its logo to get rid of the “social coding” phrase and made its logo much more cleaner. The simple font just speaks to us a lot more!



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