3 Books That Should Have Stayed As Books

Book-to-movie has been a really popular phenomenon within the past couple of years, but sometimes, not all of them translate well over into the film industry. Curious as to which books should have just stayed as books? These are our top 3.

Catwoman (2004)

Sadly, this Halle Berry movie was a complete failure  – not to say in the least that she isn’t a good actor (because she is). But the movie itself didn’t give enough growth to the character, so the audience wasn’t able to completely connect with Catwoman’s transition. But although it did well in the box office, because, well – anything super hero related always does well at the box office – but we’re sure that almost everyone that left the theaters probably wanted a refund.

3 Books That Should Have Stayed As Books

The Davinci Code (2006)

Although the movie in itself was extremely successful at the box office and loved by many of the movie goers, people who had read the books prior to watching the movie were definitely not impressed. Many of the deeper tones and important components of the novel were ommitted from the movie, thus not serving the novel any justice.

The Great Gatsby

We all studied this book at some point in our lives for school – and reading it was a joy. So much so that we got excited when we all found out that it was going to be made into a movie. But as beautiful as the book made Gatsby’s life to be, being adapted into a movie was a terrible idea. There’s just no way that the movie can translate the romance from page to screen in any capacity at all (as has been proven by multiple adaptations). It would have been better remaining as a book.

3 Books That Should Have Stayed As Books