10 Things Every Designer Needs

Being a graphic designer means that you should  get all your equipment ready! No, just kidding — you can do perfectly fine as a graphic designer without a lot of commodities. But a few of these essentials are a given. Can you go a day without Photoshop? Can you properly analyze color without a high-display LCD (iMac)?! Can you properly match colors to pantone without a colorbook?

Depending on the level of expertise you’re at, you may or may not need a lot of these. Of course, some of these are luxury items, but if you’re planning on being serious in the craft, it’s highly recommended that you invest in more than half of these (besides the essentials!)


1. A tablet (Wacom)

For anything illustration, or for anything crafty you need a wacom tablet because it just makes movement on Photoshop and Illustrator so much easier.

2. A hi-res LCD monitor (Mac)

To see the colors you’re using accurately, Macs are the best properly synched monitors.

3. A notebook (Moleskine)

Beginning a design always requires jotting down and sketching ideas on paper. Any kind of plain notebook would do.

4. A Camera (DSLR)

Taking your own photos should be a given.

5. A portable flash drive

Take your work everywhere, or in case your computer crashes, you will always have your backup on a full 1TB flash drive.

6. Pantone colorbooks

If you’re matching PMS colors, then it’s a great idea to have these PMS colors on the side.

7. USBs

Again, a portable drive to carry around your work would be ideal.

8. Adobe Creative Suite

This one’s a given, but can you really work without Adobe?

9. Inspirational books

Spark your creativity with some design books. Yes you can find them online but it’s much easier to refer to color and type in books.

10. Coffee

For those constant all-nighters and productive nights on the job!

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