10 Movies That Took Forever To Make


12 years later, Boyhood was made. Director Richard Linklater wanted to capture the process of growing up in the best way he could, so he decided to bring actors together every week for 12 years to chart Mason’s (Ellar Coltrane) life from 6-18.

The Lego Movie

4 year later, The Lego Movie hit theatres. There were a lot f rewrites, and not to mention every piece of lego had to be reworked because of it.


5 years later, Eraserhead was born. A student film turned into a full feature film, this movie was all thanks to David Lynch’s attention to detail. One shot of Jack Nance entering a room took one year to complete.

Sleeping_Beauty_posterSleeping Beauty

8 years later, Sleeping Beauty was created. Before any of the animation began, the entire film was filmed with real actors on a soundstage so animators could have something to work with. Because of this and Walt Disney’s high attention to detail, it took a while, but was worth it.

The Simpsons Movie

9 years later, The Simpsons Movie rolled onto screen. Fox green lit the project back in 1997, but almost 160 version of the script were written. Plots were being repurposed for TV episodes, and when the animation actually began, it took several years to complete.


10 years later, pandora was created. James Cameron had originally planned to start back in 1997, but he waited until the technology needed to create pandora was good enough to make it convincing. Years of work was put into the screenplay, language of the Na’vi and the special effects.

Cobblerposterv3The Thief and the Cobbler

28 years later, The Thief and the Cobbler became a reality. Writer, director and animator Richard Williams began in 1964, but because he had a lack of funding, production only occurred in short burst… over 20 years. After his involvement with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Warner Bros. gave him further funding, however he went over time and budget, and eventually it had to be given to someone else to finish.


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